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Collab Air is your gateway to mastering workforce skills! An abbreviated list of our courses are listed below. Chat with us, email us, or call us to learn more on how we can help your organization.  Collab Air offers custom learning paths to help you...

Bridging Agreements “Bridging the Gap”

  •      Recognizing past agreement history and learning to reframe perspective.  Learn to create win-win  common goals

  •      Audience Target: Management

Decision Making  “Decisions Decisions” 

  •      Learn the key factors of good decisions

  •      Implement a process to make better decisions

  •      Audience Target: Management

Excel “Excel to Excellence”

  •      Learn to be more efficient with your Excel software

  •      Introduction, beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics offered.

  •      Introduction classes include exploring the Excel environment, navigation techniques, and basic table creation.

  •     Advanced topics include utilizing lookup functions, pivot tables, and understanding macros.  

  •      Audience Target: All employees, subordinates and management

Communication “Core Communication 101”

  •      Identify your communication style tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses

  •      Learn, practice, and implement the five keys of effective communication

  •      Audience Target: Entry employees – beginning management

Communication “Critical Conversations”

  •      Learn how to initiate critical conversations with a plan and confidence

  •      Learn proven methods to ensure your conversations retain professionalism and effectiveness 

  •      Audience Target: Entry employees – beginning management

Customer Service “It Would Be My Pleasure”

  • Join us for a session to evaluate your customer service skills.  Discover how you can put the best YOU forward! Learn how to improve relations and communications internally and externally in your organization.  Topics addressed: 

  •      Learn, practice, and implement the pillars of great customer service

  •      Discover tactics to diffuse irate customers and resolve issues

  •      Audience Target: Subordinate and supporting employees

Finance “ Company Numbers…What Does It All Mean”

  •      Learn the basic terminology of corporate finance

  •      Understand company cost and the significance of profit and lost

  •      Audience Target:  Non – financial management and subordinates

Management 101 “ Promoted…Now What”

  •      Learn basic management principles

  •      Learn influencing techniques to guide outcomes

  •      Audience Target: New management

Meeting Mastery “ The Meeting Keeper”

  •      Learn how to plan for a successful meeting

  •      Understand how to conduct and maintain a meeting agenda

  •      Audience Target: New management

Negotiations “ Negotiation…Whaat”

  •      Understand the  terminology and stakes of negotiation

  •      Learn proven tactics to prepare and participate in negotiations and improve your outcome

  •      Audience Target:  Upper management and executives 

Presentation Skills "Present with Ease"

  •      Learn how to easily create effective  presentations

  •      Improve and practice your presenter skills with tips and tricks

  •      Audience Target: Upper management and executives

Productivity “ Use  the Technology you have at your Fingertips”
 Join us for a hands- on experience  to be E3… more efficient, more effective, and empowered with the software you already  have using Excel and PowerPoint.  A few highlights covered during this session includes  pivot tables and making dashboards. 

  •      Learn how to assess your existing software for use

  •      Learn to identify and use the most efficient features of the software

  •      Audience Target: Upper management and executives

Productivity “ Enhancing  Your  Productivity”

  •      Set and evaluate productive goals

  •      Learn  tools and techniques to maximize productivity

  •      Understand the importance of productive physical and virtual workspace

  •      Audience:  Entry management

Project Management “The Accidental Project Manager” 

  •      Learn core concepts of project management

  •      Understand the mindset, skillset, and toolset to complete projects successfully

  •      Audience:  Management

Time Management Fundamentals “Too Much to do in Too Little Time” 

  •      Learn time management principles 

  •      Practice and  commit to time management keys using scheduling tools and routines

  •      Audience: Management

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